Spirit Medium Dinner

Currently being rescheduled once Statewide ban is lifted on Restaurants and gatherings of people.

We are hosting a Spirit Medium Dinner with the menu exquisitely prepared by our very own chef Oliveira and the night ran by a talented Spirit Medium and Tarot card reader, Sarah Angley. Sarah's passion and life's purpose is to connect the us with our loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit world. She delivers meaningful, healing and evidential messages from your loved ones in Spirit with love and compassion.

Sarah lives in Carver with her husband and two daughters. She runs Kindred Spirits Wellness Center in Carver, where she offers private readings and holds classes on a variety of spiritual topics. you can find out more about her at www.sarahangley.com.

Tickets are $85 and it includes dinner, the entertainment, tax, and gratuity. Drinks are not included in this price as the theme is not centered on a alcoholic product, line, or producer.